226th USASA Operations
Koryosan, Korea
We climbed this road every day and night, keeping vigilant for any aggression from the north.
The long winding road from our base camp to the top of Koryosan.
Our operations unit, located at the top of Koryosan (Mt. Koryo) on Kangwha-Do, Korea.
The drive to the top took about 20 minutes in summer, and sometimes impossible in winter.  On those bad winter days, some long hours were spent topside.
A 3/4 ton truck leaving for topside.  It took several trips daily to transport crews and keep them supplied.
North Korea is visible across the Han River, seen in the distance.  If border difficulties had arisen, we surely would have been a target.
A view from topside.
A topside work station, circa 1956.
The gate to the Operations hut.  Our security was a wee bit shaky.